Who is welcome to attend TranQuility meetings?

TranQuility strives to be an inclusive and supportive group of transgender people, their families, and allies! Our mission is to improve the lives of transgender and gender nonconforming people, any anyone willing to support our mission is welcome to attend our meetings. TranQuility welcomes all genders (cis, trans, and other) of all ages.


Guidelines for attending TranQuility meetings
  • Anonymity: Because LGBTQ+ and gender-related topics can be sensitive (with friends, family, relationships, school, employment, etc.) we want to offer the most welcoming and supportive space we can for all people interesting in being a part of our group of learning more about transgender issues. Although we always try to respect the anonymity of all attendees, meetings are open to the public and therefore anonymity cannot be guaranteed. If you would like information but are hesitant to come to a public meeting, we invite you to contact us directly.
  • Respect: Many members of the LGBTQ+ community have experienced prejudice as a result of them expressing who they are. We don’t just strive to make TranQuility a “safe space” for LGBTQ+ people; we want it to be a safe space for all people, regardless of racial, political, or religions affiliation. Therefore, we ask that all attendees be mindful when addressing these potentially sensitive topics when they arise, and to appreciate the spectrum of viewpoints that other members with different life experiences may have.
  • Pronouns: If you’re not sure how you should refer to somebody (him, her, they, etc.), it’s okay to ask! If you mess up sometimes, that’s okay too.
  • Media: We do not allow media to attend TranQuility meetings or members to report to the media about what occurs during meetings. Members of the media who wish to learn more about TranQuility are invited to learn more on our media page.
Social events

In addition to regular TranQuility meetings which are often focused around a particular topic, members of TranQuility occasionally gather at local venues [to be awesome]. To stay informed on upcoming social events, join our mailing list!


Who is not welcome at TranQuility meetings?

Any individual wishing to learn about TranQuility or its members for a work-related or media development purpose (i.e., writing news articles) may not attend TranQuility meetings. We are happy to provide members of the media information about our group and encourage them to contact us directly, however we ask that these people refrain from attending meetings to respect the anonymity of its participants and to help us maintain a safe atmosphere of support and participation. Individuals who work for the media who wish to attend TranQuility meetings out of personal interest are welcome to do so, as long as they respect these guidelines of anonymity and do not report on TranQuility without first contacting a representative.


Our meetings are held throughout Gainesville,Fl and surrounding areas .

We do most of our meetings and jams at Curia on the Drag and our socials for dinner and recreation at various locations. For more details view our events which will give Date time and place for each gathering .

Looking forward to seeing you soon