TranQuility Monthly meeting & social – 4/24 7:30 to 9pm

The first half will be a discussion and the second half will be social time. Several of our regular members will be facilitating the discussion which is near and dear to them. Please join us for several fun icebreakers and cool trivia. To celebrate that April 6th was International Asexuality Day the discussion will be: Aromantic spectrum– People can experience very strong romantic attraction, no romantic attraction at all, or only rarely or in certain situations and Asexual spectrum– People can experience strong sexual attraction, no sexual attraction at all, or only rarely or in certain situations. After the discussion it is social time!

International Asexuality Day is a coordinated worldwide campaign promoting the ace umbrella, including demisexual, grey-asexual and other ace identities.

The four themes of IAD are: Advocacy, Celebration, Education, and Solidarity

(Please email: for location address)