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TranQuility Social Night

Come join TrainQuility for a social night! We will have games, play a move, and serve popcorn, snacks, and drinks! This event will be Monday, July 23 at 7-9pm at our usual HealthStreet location.

Thank you to everybody who participated in the Queer Prom! We all had a great time, and look forward to having a similar event next year. Photos of the event have been posted to TranQuility’s Facebook page:

Pursuing Tranquility through Financial Planning

At the next TranQuility meeting we be discussing personal finance. Join in on our discussion about money, what it is, how to have it, and how to stop worrying about it! We will also take time to practice peaceful mindfulness with a guided meditation.

TranQuility will meet on Monday, June 4 from 7-9 PM at our HealthStreet location. Dr. Shay Caramiello, PsyD will also lead an optional family support group from 7:30-8:30.

All about HRT & Puberty Blockers

At our next meeting three physicians will give a presentation about HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and puberty blockers for transgender children and teens. Finding accurate and reliable information about transgender-related medications can be difficult (especially for children and teens), and we are excited to have three physicians experienced in transgender-related endocrinology attending our event who can help share their insights and answer questions related to medical interventions for transgender children, teens, and young adults.

Presenting physicians:

When: Monday, May 22 7-9pm

Where: The usual HealthStreet location

Next Meeting: Love and Relationships

At the next TranQuility meeting Chloë Goldbach will lead a fun and interactive social event exploring issues surrounding love and relationships. This workshop seeks to identify common relationship issues and seeks to foster positive personal growth, provide the learning tools to create fulfilling and long-lasting relationships, and encourage people to practice these positive growth tools to immediately begin seeing positive changes in peoples lives and relationships! All are welcome to attend this meeting.

When: Monday, April 24 from 7-9pm.
Where: We will be meeting at our usual HealthStreet location on

Here is a copy of the flyer for this meeting:

TranQuility Resource Fair

Representatives from local trans-friendly providers and businesses will be on-hand to provide information and answer questions. We will meet on Monday, Jan 23 from 7-9pm at our usual HealthStreet location.

TranQuility thanks all of the providers and businesses who came out to show their support for the transgender community!

Dating & Sexuality

At our next meeting Naomi Ardjomand-Kermani will give a presentation on dating and sexuality and lead a discussion on safe sex with special emphasis on LGBT+ sexuality!  Afterword will be a discussion about relationships geared toward the transgender community.

When:  November 28, 2016 (7-9pm)
Where: TranQuility HealthStreet Location (see meetings page for details)

Trans Family Night

Come join us Monday night for Trans Family Night! We will have several panels speaking about their personal experiences. Please join us and bring your family (whether they’re your chosen family or otherwise) for education and support.

When: Monday, May 23rd, 7-9pm
Where: TranQuility HealthStreet Location (see meetings page for details)


Gender Identity Development

Our next TranQuility meeting will include a presentation on Gender Identity Development: A biopsychosocial approach that will look at gender identity terminology, current research, development models, coming out, and the transitioning process presented by Dr. Anyaliese Handcock-Smith and Dr. Michelle Smith.  This is part one of a two-part series.

When: Part 1 – March 28, 2016 (7-9pm)
When: Part 2 – April 25, 2016 (7-9pm)
Where: TranQuility HealthStreet Location (see meetings page for details)