The Intersection of LGBTQIA+ and Racial Minorities

Join Tranquility on 7-27 from 7pm to 8:30pm for an informal Zoom discussion about the intersection of LGBTQIA+ and racial minority communities. We will start by watching a few short clips, followed by a conversation about bridging the gap between people of color within the queer and trans community, and then brainstorm ideas for future programs regarding this topic. Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you there!

Email for further info

Tranquility Queer & Trans Virtual Pride Prom

This year’s prom is dedicated to the memory of Terry Fleming

There will be costume and dance contests (participation is optional). Wear whatever you like, dress up your pet, dance or just hang out. Choose a cool background theme too!

Pride Prom Schedule:

7:00pm Welcome and dedication

7:10pm Music and Dancing

7:25pm Live Performance by CHRIS on Ukulele. Genre: soft upbeat indie

7:30pm Music and dancing

7:45pm Live performance by Johnny D. “The Piano Man” formerly from Metro Jacksonville

Live performance by The Empath and The Magic Unicorn – rock and pop covers and originals

8:00pm Starting of online nominations for Best dancer, best costume, Prom King, Prom Queen, and Prom Supreme (gender neutral title)

8:15 The Vagileles -an all woman ukulele trio performing sultry eclectic folk

8:30pm Live performance by Baer and the Lady, ethereal psych blues rock

8:45 announcing the winners of the dance and costume contests and crowning of Pride Prom Royals and awarding of prizes (you must be present to win)

8:55pm Closing ceremony

DISCLAIMER: The Prom is open to anyone regardless of orientation, gender, and etc. This is an affirming group and event. Allies are welcome. No media or recording is allowed. No disrespect or “gender policing” will be tolerated. The host can remove attendees who violate these rules.

PROM PHOTOGRAPHY: We have 2 representatives who can take screen shots/photos of attendees in private breakout rooms.

Tranquility Meeting 5/25/20 – Virtual Dinner & Social

Join us this Monday, 5/25, for our regular virtual meeting. From 7 to 8pm we will have a virtual picnic. We will eat dinner together and socialize. At 8pm we will celebrate Chloe’s birthday. At 8:30pm we will have a 15 minute planning period. Anyone can stay on who would like to brainstorm or just listen in. The Zoom link is:

Call (352) 226-5544 for more information or if you have any questions

Halloween Costume Party

We welcome any interpretations of the theme and there will be prizes for costumes! We will be awarding gift cards from local businesses.

We are fortunate to have a lovely local DJ offer their services for this evening so get ready to boogie (pun intended), cha cha, bust a move, or whatever else you call it.

Parent support group will be meeting adjunctly at 7:30.

Movie Night

Join us at the Pride Center for a viewing of the movie, “We Exist: Beyond the Binary” with popcorn and drinks, followed by a discussion. All are welcome.

The parent support group will be meeting as usual at 7:30

Clothing Swap Party

Hey friendos! Hope you can make it out to our August event. We will be having a clothing swap party/free store on Monday August 26th at the Civic Media Center . Think potluck but for clothes.

Of course you don’t have to bring anything but if you are able to, please bring:

clothing (men’s suits and size 10+ woman’s shoes specifically)
toiletries (deodorant, hair and skin items, razors/shaving cream, tampons+)
breast forms
stand to pee devices

**limit donation to 10 items**

Family support group will be meeting as usual.

Natural Strategies for Feminization and Masculinization of Voice

Please join Tranquility for our July monthly meeting.

This month we have speech pathologist Paula Sullivan joining us. She will be talking about voice production and vocal health. There will be some “hands on” interactions with attendees identifying pitch and demonstrations of vocal activities meant to feminize or masculinize your speech (whether or not you decide to transition medically). A discussion of self-help resources will follow.

And as per usual the family support group will be meeting adjunctly. Melina however, will be out of town so another parent will be leading.

Hope to see yall there!

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