Self-Narrate Workshop

Writing your story helps you process you experiences, create clarity for future decision-making, and understand your motivations. During this Tranquility meeting, Self Narrate Inc. Is leading a workshop designed to inspire trans people and allies to craft their stories and embrace power of storytelling to connect with others. We will be working together, in groups and individually for the full 2 hour workshop starting at 7 p.m. Time allowing, individual stories can be shared at the end or you may contact Tranquility with the opportunity to share yours during a future meeting. Sharing is completely optional. We all have a great story to share.


Trans People of Color and Trans People with Disabilities

Come join TranQuility as we host a panel discussion which seeks to provide a platform to Transpeople of color and Transpeople with disabilities to share their thoughts with the community! Being transgender can come with it’s own set of difficulties, and at this meeting we will explore how being a member of a minority group relates to individual experience with the transgender community.

*Family Support Group meeting time has changed to 7:00.

Queer Prom

Come one, come all! Bust loose and feel free!

*Different location than usual

Pursuing Tranquility through Financial Planning

At the next TranQuility meeting we be discussing personal finance. Join in on our discussion about money, what it is, how to have it, and how to stop worrying about it! We will also take time to practice peaceful mindfulness with a guided meditation.

TranQuility will meet on Monday, June 4 from 7-9 PM at our HealthStreet location. Dr. Shay Caramiello, PsyD will also lead an optional family support group from 7:30-8:30.

Gender and Professionalism

TranQuility is proud to support members of the local transgender and queer community as well as employers who encourage members of these communities as well! On Monday, March 26 TranQuility will host a discussion about the role of gender in the workplace. We encourage potential employers to spread the word that their workplace is an inviting and encouraging place for members of the transgender and queer community.

Even if you’re not seeking a new job currently, it is likely that you or somebody you know may seek one in the future! Come join us in our discussion about gender and professionalism!


Relationships and Consent

At the next Tranquility meeting we will discuss relationships and consent with emphasis on topics which relate to the transgender and queer community.

Come join us at our HealthStreet location on Monday Feb 26 at 7pm


Clothing/Accessories Swap + Family Support Group


Please join us at HealthStreet as we have our own little thrift store of sorts and also celebrate our 2 year anniversary, woot woot ! It would be helpful if everyone brought items that they no longer need/want and we can organize them upon arrival. Items can include: clothing, jewelry, perfume/cologne, makeup, packers, binders, breast forms, hair product, etc. We already have some binders and breast forms that have been donated so they will definitely be there.              At the same time, in a different location of the building there will be a family support group meeting being facilitated by Shay Caramiello PsyD.                                                                            See ya there!

When: January 22nd, 7-9 PM

Where: HealthStreet

All about HRT & Puberty Blockers

At our next meeting three physicians will give a presentation about HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and puberty blockers for transgender children and teens. Finding accurate and reliable information about transgender-related medications can be difficult (especially for children and teens), and we are excited to have three physicians experienced in transgender-related endocrinology attending our event who can help share their insights and answer questions related to medical interventions for transgender children, teens, and young adults.

Presenting physicians:

When: Monday, May 22 7-9pm

Where: The usual HealthStreet location

Next Meeting: Love and Relationships

At the next TranQuility meeting Chloë Goldbach will lead a fun and interactive social event exploring issues surrounding love and relationships. This workshop seeks to identify common relationship issues and seeks to foster positive personal growth, provide the learning tools to create fulfilling and long-lasting relationships, and encourage people to practice these positive growth tools to immediately begin seeing positive changes in peoples lives and relationships! All are welcome to attend this meeting.

When: Monday, April 24 from 7-9pm.
Where: We will be meeting at our usual HealthStreet location on

Here is a copy of the flyer for this meeting: